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"If you like the way your bike rides, it’s an awesome bike."  --From Surly's website

Surly offers about 20 different bicycles (see them here).

We are Colorado's largest Surly dealer and one of the top five dealers in the country. We carry most of them in stock (and have many sizes of each).

It might be easy to mistake the brand for cantankerous champions of outdated steel bikes, but in truth Surly is a pioneer. They produce some of the toughest, most reliable, functional, and fun bikes out there. They don't hype you up and they don't put stuff on your bike that you don't need.

Surlys are easy to customize, too, so you can make your bike do and be exactly what you want it to do/be (do-bee do-bee doo).

Salsa Bikes


As you may know, Salsa's motto is "adventure by bike." What does that mean? It can be difficult to describe, because adventure means different things to different people. Some people consider adventure to be spending months on their bikes, traversing a country. For others, adventure is a full day at Buff Creek. Saying "adventure by bike" is a little bit like saying "adventure by pants." You can adventure in almost any kind of pants. Obviously, some pants are better than others if adventuring in pants is your thing. And that's where Salsa comes in.

We like adventures. As a shop, we've been fortunate to have some grand adventures both big and small. We're excited to add Salsa to our lineup because they'll nicely compliment what we already carry, and help support the part of the shop that is oriented toward adventure.

You can see Salsa's current lineup on their website.


Fruit bikes. The Fruit Zoo. We ride a lot of steel bikes, and we've never ridden one quite like the Fuzztail. The geometry chart for this bike is the mathematical equivalent of a Escher drawing, so what bike would be better for descending the endless staircase? 


Stop by and talk to us about Civia Bikes and check out what we have in stock! 

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