We perform most services for most bicycles, from tire inflation to full overhauls. You may know exactly what's wrong with your bike or you might only know that it doesn't feel or sound quite right, or just that it's been awhile since your bike has been maintained. No matter what your situation, please stop by with your bike so that we can evaluate it and give you an estimated cost and date of completion. Often, repairs fall within the scope of one of our service packages (outlined below), but if not we can most likely help you whether you need a simple adjustment, a wheel built, or your bottom bracket chased and faced. Air is always free. 

Safety Check


($50 for singlespeeds)

This package is for bikes that are in good shape but need some minor tweaks. Whether you're planning to ride the bike for the first time in a few months or are preparing for an upcoming race, we'll check the bike over to ensure that it's safe and functioning properly.

Brake Adjustments

Derailleur Adjustments

Bolt Check

Drive-train Lubrication

Tire Inflation

A Quick Wipe-down

Spot-Truing the Wheels

The Little Scraggy


($100 for singlespeeds)

Bikes that see regular use probably need this service package about once a year. It includes everything in the Safety Check package Plus:

Wheel Trues

Cable Lubrication

Bike Bath

This package also includes labor for the installation of some parts (not the parts themselves), should your bike need them: 


Brake Pads

Grips or Handlebar Tape

Tubes and Tires

The Uncle Nazty

$200 with cable brakes 

($170 Singlespeeds,  $225 with Hydraulic Brakes)

This package includes everything in The Little Scraggy package as well as:

New Cables and Housing

Hydraulic Brake Bleeds

Drivetrain Cleaning

The Whole Enchilada

$335 Road and Rigid

($440 Hardtail, $530 Full Suspension)

In addition to the services in the Uncle Nazty, The Whole Enchilada is a complete descaling of your bike.

We'll overhaul or replace the bearings.

For bikes with suspension, it includes oil and seal changes.

It includes labor for replacing your pivot bearings.

This is no mere portion of the Enchilada.