2018 Climb & Punishment is in the books! Thank you everyone for coming out to this event!  Come back to this page for future announcements regarding 2019.

Climb and Punishment YAWP Cyclery
66 miles of climb and punishment


CLIMB & PUNISHMENT is a 66-mile unsupported ride that covers all kinds of terrain. 2015 was its inaugural year. It includes paved roads, dirt roads, and single track. It gains approximately one bazillion feet of elevation. Start time for 2018 will be 7am. The Start/Finish line is in the alley behind Yawp! Cyclery.The route includes the Clear Creek Path, North Table Mountain, White Ranch, Drew Hill, and Mountain Lion Trail in Golden Gate Canyon State Park. There is a lot of bike path as well as some of the most technical singletrack terrain on the front range. A mountain bike is strongly recommended for this ride.

This is a ride and not a race. There's nothing to prevent you from using a computer, though, if you want to time yourself. There will not be prizes for first place.

There might be prizes for costumes.

You must: carry a 500+ page Russian novel with them for the entire ride. It must be made of paper. No pages may be torn out.

There will be a party afterward with free beer until the beer runs out. Bring money for food (there are food trucks and US Thai nearby).

Registration for 2018: We've always been proponents of riding bikes for free, but the cost of our events has increased every year, and we'd rather ask for help than stop doing them.

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Will the course be marked?

No. You can see the route here as well as download the .gpx track. The course is not marked, and despite being luddites ourselves, we begrudgingly admit that using a GPS device for navigation might be a good idea. The route is almost entirely off of streets, so cue sheets won't be of help. If you don't have or don't want to use a GPS device, we'll have Singletrack maps for sale at the bike shop that we'd be happy to mark the route on for you. To download the .gpx file from MapMyRide, click on the orange "Actions" button, and then "export map."

Will there be a drop bag service?

No. Feel free to hide your own beers on course ahead of time. Sometimes we get lucky and Jeffco hasn't turned off the water fountains at the North Table Mountain trailhead for the season. Sometimes there's no water there. However, we do ride fairly close to a convenience store in Golden, once on the way out and once on the way back. There's water there, as well as all the yellow dye #5, bacon chips, and pickle sauce you could ever want.

What if I start but decide I can't finish? 

We understand that a variety of things can happen out there, from mechanicals to illness. If you need to abandon the ride, at the very least please send a text message to the bike shop so that we know what happened to you. There is no sag wagon. 

How long do I have to finish the ride?

You have 13.5 hours, which will be 8:30pm. 

Is this a group ride?

No. Most of the rides that we offer here at Yawp! are group rides, but because this ride is so lengthy, riders need to be able to ride at their own pace. 

Why would I do this?


Did you say beer?

Yes. Yes we did. If you finish Climb & Punishment, beer drinks you.

2018 Climb & Punishment

Harsh as Russian Rehab, Climb & Punishment YAWP Cyclery