A Tradition of Ambition

In 2017 we started a program that we un-ambitiously called our Goal Program. Even if you aren't the kind of person to whom goals appeal, we hope our program might appeal to you.

Part of the reason we here at Yawp! remain resistant to cycling goals is that most everyday riders don't have them. Riders who enjoy racing seriously have them, and because we are not fast (and never will be) we are outside of the cycling subculture most congruent with goal setting. Know what, though? We've set goals anyway, and they've led to unbelievably positive outcomes. That's why we suggest that you think about setting one yourself.

Yawp! offers an annual goal completion program. All you have to do to sign up. We accept submissions between January 1st and 31st every year. You may find goal-setting to be exhausting and obnoxious. If you're thinking this Program is not for you, remember these two things:

1. Why make a bunch of spur-of-the-moment bad decisions when you could make your bad decisions in advance?

2. There will be prizes for anyone who meets their goal.

The folks who set goals for 2017 really blew me away. They aimed high, and if they did not hit their targets it wasn't for lack of effort. Thanks to all who participated, and congratulations to those of you who met your goals.

If you aren't sure what kind of goal you want to set, here are a few examples:

-Commute to work by bike one day per week, every week.

-Ride 7,000 miles in a year.

-Thin out the stable and only ride one bike in 2018.

-Ride 1,000 miles on dirt.

-Bikepack for one weekend.

-Bikepack the Colorado Trail.

-Finish a 50-mile event.

-Ride a hundo every month.

-Clean everything at Dakota Ridge.

-Race the Iditarod.

You must submit your goal between January 1st and 31st. You must complete your goal by December 31st of that year.

Challenge yourself. If commuting to work will not be a challenge, set a different goal.

Buying a new bike, getting your touring rig all situated, or finally getting your brakes dialed are all good goals, but they don't count toward this program. Your goal must have to do with riding.

Set as many goals as you like; only one prize per participant.

To sign up, just fill out the form below. This year, we'll be sharing everyone's goals publicly in the beginning of February so that we as a community can support one another in the pursuit of these goals.

The submission period for 2018 is over. Check back here in January of 2019 to enroll.


2018 Goal Submissions
Zac F:  Ride 5,000 miles and climb 100,000 feet.

Sam P:  Ride Kokapelli from Fruita to Moab

Will B: Ride 3000 miles.

Killian W:  Race the Roubidoux Quick and Dirty. Ride a century, mostly gravel.

Joel P:  Organize and lead a group series that leads to a century and Randonee.

Katie M:  Ride to the grocery store instead of driving.

Katie T:  Ride 100 miles every month.

Joseph S:  Get rid of knee discomfort.

Stephen B:  Ride 8000 miles. Ride one 65-mile ride per month.

Chad A:  Finish the Colorado Trail in 8 days or less. Ride 7000 total miles. Ride one century per month. Form "Trash Pandas Denver," a group that rides cargo bikes to one city park per month to pick up and haul away trash.

Phillip B:  Ride with Levi once per month.

Kelly B:  Complete two bikepacking trips.

Tiffany O:  Ride 8000 miles. Ride 800 miles in one month. Ride from Salida to Moab.

Zach N:  Full century at Erock.Ride up and down Lookout.Ride up Mt. Falcon.Attempt Dakota Ridge.

Kelly B:  Ride to work 52 times, at least once per month.

Nathan E:  Complete the Kokipelli Trail in under 24 hours. Commute every day for one month.

Patrick Z:  Ride more than last year (4000mi). Put 1000 miles on my fatbike. Ride a solo unsupported century on my fatbike.

Mark J: Tour the CT.

John S: Complete my first century.

Josh C:  Climb 200K feet on a mountain bike.

Philip J:  Ride 1000 miles.

Darin R:  Bikepack the Ogalala Loop. Ride from Silverton to Durango. Commute once per week.

Rob B:  Ride 2500 miles, including 150 commutes.

Noah M:  Complete two big rides. Commute to work.

David A: Finish the grand traverse (run, then bike).

Charley L:  Ride a hundo every month.

Joe T:  Spend at least one night a month outside.

Joe K:  Ride 6000 miles and climb 200000ft. Finish top 10 in open CX race.

Brian K: Commute everyday (unless it rains). Minimum 10 weekends bikepacking. Kokopelli, white rim, idaho hot springs. Gravel tour/camp with my girlfriend. Do a randonee. Mt. Evans Hill Climb.

Tim F:  Make cut-off for GJ Offroad and 3 other races. Do all non-Mountain rides on my Breakaway cross bike, including the Hampsten Giro tour in Italy.

Kaile V:  Race big mountain enduro series.

Cullen M:  Fill up my Surly notebook with ride journaling.

Mary Beth B:  First family bike overnight with our daughter. If other parents want to join, let's plan something!

Trevor W:  Ride 50 miles per week. Go bikepacking.

Sam P-D:  Ride 3 different overnight backpacking trips this year.

Keith S:  Do 100 miles with my daughter on a tandem (the Landrun 100). Bikepack.

Greg O:  Climb 200K feet.

Mindi H:  Ride 4500 miles outside.

Reilly H:  Ride 1000 miles on dirt. Participate in trailwork. Participate in a mountain bike race.

Jesse S:  Commute to work 200 days.

Eric M:  Race and finish the TransAm and the Colorado Trail Race. One bikepacking overnighter per month.

Alex P:  Pedal 1000 miles to work and back (that's 74 times). Bikepack at least once.

Tyler M:  Three different 200-mile bikepacking trips in three different countries.

Rob E:  A single day ride of 100 miles on a loaded Fargo, with dirt in there somewhere. Bikepack at least once. Complete Climb & Punishment.

Austin J:  Weekend bikepacking trip to Nederland and back. Then maybe to Ft. Collins...

Genevieve E:  Complete the Giddy Up. 50-miles singlespeed road ride. Century road ride. Two, 2-night bikepacking trips.

James B:  Commute at least once per week. 50-miles singlespeed road ride. Century road ride. Two, 2-night bikepacking trips.

Scott B: Commute 50 days. Bikecamp 3 times. Complete the Randonee-nae route.

Levi: See more of my home state: Loop Georgia and Boreas passes. Ride Jones Pass. Try the South Fork loop. Ride Mosquito pass. See more of my home state in the dark by completing the Vapor Trail.

Mark G:  Bikepack for one weekend.

Corey L:  Bike to work at least 4 days a week.10 nights bikepacking.1000 miles of dirt.8 hours of trailwork.

Steve K: Clear the medium line at Ruby Hill. Ride the Velodrome in Erie. Climb Lookout Mountain in less than 25 minutes.

Zach C:  Ride or bikepack Pearl Pass.

Brian R:  Complete the Randonee-nae route. Bikepack once. Complete Climb & Punishment.

Melissa H:  Bikepack against the machine.

Chris J:  Commute to work 3 days a week.

Bill A:  Bike tour for 90 days. Camp out on 45 of those 90 nights. Tour 3000 km in Europe. Ride 6000 miles total. Visit all 5 rails trails I've not previously visited.

Adam F:  Ride 52,800 vertical feet. (10 miles!)

Nina F:  Ride 1000 miles.

Jaime R:  Commute to work 3 times a week from April to September. Participate in one bike race and 3 charity rides. Do one half century ride.