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2521 Sheridan Blvd.
Edgewater, CO 80214

(303) 232-3165

We love riding in the dirt and on pavement, and we respect and service all bikes. We are overjoyed to see you on a bicycle and will do everything we can to keep you rolling. We also sell Surly, Salsa, and Fairdale bikes (because they are rad).

Bikepacking Against the Machine

Bikepacking Against the Machine with Surly



Every September, we go bikepacking with Surly Bikes. Below is our plan for 2019. We'll keep this page updated should changes occur, so please check back in just before the event happens to make sure you know where and when we'll be. This event will take place on September 21st and 22nd. Surly turns 21 awesome years old this year, and shops all over the country will be participating in Intergalactic Surly Day. We couldn't be happier to help them celebrate.

This event is kind of complicated, but it's also simple. Why is it complicated? Because it's a chance for you to chose your own adventure--there are several ways you can opt to join us on this trip. Why is it simple? Because it's a bike ride and a campout and it's going to be a blast.

1. Meet us at 10am in Fraiser, Colorado on Saturday, September 21st.

2. We'll ride approximately 10 miles on dirt roads up into the mountains, gaining roughly 2000 vertical feet.

3. We'll set up camp. 

4. You can decide to be done riding for the day, or you can ride a little more.

5. There is a 40-mile dirt road loop you can ride. There is also some singletrack nearby, if that's more to your liking.

5. We'll have a campfire.

6. On Sunday, we'll ride back to the cars. 

7. Because the shop is closed on Mondays, we're in no hurry to get back to Denver. We're going to camp near Winter Park on Sunday night and ride mountain bikes on Monday the 23rd. Join us if you like.


1. I don't want to bikepack! Can I just drive up to the campsite? Of course.

2. Should I bring my own food and water? Yes.

3. I don't have a Surly. Can I still come? Yes!

4. Where should I park my car? We don't know yet. We'll update this answer as soon as we find out.

5. What's the route from Fraiser to the campsite? This is more or less the route. The exact campsite may change, depending on availability. As soon as we have a site secured, we'll post a pin on this page as well as the Facebook event page.

6. Where's the 40-mile gravel loop? This here is the loop.

7. Where's the singletrack? It's back down the road toward Fraiser about 5 miles. You can ride Tipperary Creek as an out-and-back or you can go nuts and ride the whole loop

8. Do I have to keep riding after I get to the campsite? No. Can I just set up my tent and unfold my lounge chair and open a beer and fall asleep in an awkward position that will put my legs to sleep and make me unable to turn my head to the left for two days? Yes, you absolutely may do that.

9. Should I bring my own beer? Yes. However, Surly is turning 21. If we can figure out how to haul a little beer up there, we're going to.

10. Spots are limited? I want to sign up! How do I register? Give us a call at the shop. 303.232.3165.

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